photo by Sabine Rovers

Sam Wolting (b. 2000)
Documentary filmmaker & sound recordist, also a photographer now and then. Get in contact!  

Artist Statement 
Coming from a family which always has worked in (mental) health care, I heard interesting stories about their work at the kitchen table.
It sparked my interest in those stories. My work always has a social tone to it. As a social maker, I work with people that are different form the norm, outsiders. With my documentary films, my viewer and I get acquainted with the world of these often misunderstood people.

By working observantly, but get very close with and to my subject, I get to know more about their way of living and their behavior. A good relationship with these subjects is essential. Without trust, you’re nowhere.

With my films I get to know the world around better, as well as myself. With this personal research, I make my viewer familiar with people and places they maybe have never seen before.

Curriculum Vitae
St. Joost School of Arts and Design - Photography, Film and the Digital 
2018 - 2022

Hogeschool Utrecht - Art History Minor

Carolus Clusius College - VWO Cultuur en Maatschappij
2012 - 2018

Docwerk/Art Dep. - making short documentaries for Dutch public television
september 2022

Sound recordist
2021 - currently

Director & producer online exposition/livestream RUIS