sound recordist

When studying at the academy and working on my first film projects, I started to understand that sound had a immense role in telling stories. I started working on several (graduation) film projects as a sound recordist, gaining a lot of experience. When I make my own films, I also work on the boom myself!  

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Over de Drempel (2022) by myself

Hoe zullen wij ons troosten (2022) by Machiel van Hoek
(also assistent director)

winner of the Chassé Cultuurfonds prize

Lisette (2021) by myself

Zoals het Vroeger Was (2021) by Mareine van Lieshout

Funny Feeling (2022) by Jikkie Schelling

winner of the Dutch Film Fund Wildcard

Treurzang (2022) by Daan Kamphorst

winner of the Chassé Cultuurfonds prize

OSCAR (2022) by Jiri Loozen

Het Buitenhuis (2021) by Yana Engelbrecht

Krokustijd (2021) by Thijs Breukers